Welcome to the website of Russia Visa Center in Italy!

The official Russia Visa Center in Italy is the only agency authorized by the Diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation in Italy to accept applications for Russian visas.

Please read the following instruction carefully before applying for your visa

Step I.

Make sure you are clear about purpose of your visit. Our Visa Center will help you through the entire visa application process but we are not permitted to advise or guide you on choosing your purpose of visit.

We have to remind you that Visa center provides only visa application process related services. The decision to issue or refuse a visa is at the sole discretion of the diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation in Italy.

Step II.

Based on your Visa Type please prepare a set of documents required.

Step III.

Follow the instructions and fill in, print out and sign your visa application form on the website https://visa.kdmid.ru/. Glue one recent photo as per the photo specifications. 

Step IV.

Make an appointment to the closest Russia visa center.

Step V.

Submit a complete set of documents to Russia visa center in person and pay visa and service fees accordingly at the time of submission.

Step VI.

After the confirmed processing time collect your passport at the Russia visa center. Please make sure you have the original receipt given to you during the submission which will be collected from you as a proof of delivery of your passport.   

For your comfort you may use our Courier delivery service.

It is Applicant’s responsibility to check the validity of the visa issued to ensure that it covers the period of stay requested, the number or entries required, and that it is valid for the purpose of trip immediately after collection of the passport.


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