Visa Types

Citizens of most countries will need a visa to Russia. It cannot be obtained at the border; therefore, you should apply for a Russian visa prior to travelling.

Visa is a document that is inserted into a passport of a foreign citizen. Usually it contains the following data: last name, first name, date of birth, gender, citizenship, number of the identification document, visa issuance date, the permitted period of stay in the Russian Federation, number of an invitation for the entry into the Russian Federation or a government agency decision, visa validity duration, the purpose of travel, details of a host organization (details of a host private person), a number of permitted entries. 

Depending on your purpose of travel or stay in Russia and your nationality, foreign citizens are issued visas of the following categories: diplomatic, service, ordinary, transit and temporary resident visa.

Before applying for your visa please read through the main visa types:

Single-entry visa grants a foreign citizen a right to cross the Russian Federation state border once while entering and once while exiting the Russian Federation.

Double-entry visa grants a foreign citizen a right to cross the Russian Federation state border twice while entering and twice while exiting the Russian Federation.

Multiple-entry visa grants a right to enter the Russian Federation multiple times (more than two). Citizens of the EU countries that are parties to the Agreement with a multiple-entry visa may stay on the territory of the Russian Federation no more than 90 days (cumulatively or continuously) during each 180 days period. In case of a violation of this rule a person will be held liable according to the Russian legislation in power to the extent of denying an entry into the Russian Federation.

Foreign citizens intending to stay in the Russian Federation for more than 3 months must obtain a work or student visa based on the purpose of stay, or a temporary residence or residence permit.